Q: Will the docs evolve to document internal features to make it easier to contribute internally

A: That would be great. It's more of a priority to getting people to use the public API correctly. But I'd love to get to a point where internals are documented in that way.

Nearly 100% of the internal apis are documented in the comments of the source code.

There is definetily a learning curve to figureing out how the internals work.


Q: Will ember-data always going to be a seperate component. If so will others stuff be a seperate compenent?

A: No ember-data won't always be a seperate componenet. However we hope to have other seperate components.

If you check out the source of ember you'll see that there is already a bunch of components. We want all our components 'ember-metal' etc to be reusable across other frameworks like node.

ember-runtime is already a seperate component. If you clone ember and rake:dist ember-runtime.js comes out with people are using in node for example when they just want the object model.

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15 February 2013