Syntax that I like

I really like dot notation. I like it when methods are encapsulated within objects.

Pseudo code


Examples in languages:


// 6


puts 'foobar'.length
// 6

Syntax that I don't like

I dislike functions which are global in nature. PHP has over 5000 of such functions. These are problematic because that is over 5000 chances that a developer will write over that global function name.

Thankfully PHP will at least give you a fatal error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare is_array() but there is still too high of a chance that a new dev might not have the error_reporting and display_errors options configured correctly in their php.ini file.

BTW you can replace a built in PHP function definition with a new implementation with runkit function define from the runkit extension.

Pseudo code


Examples in a language:


echo strlen('foobar');
// 6

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21 February 2013