Mads Kristensen


A lot of the stuff that we do everyday we can do smarter. And we should expect more from our tools. It will completely change the way you create websites.

Demos Visual Studio text editing

  • Showing how Visual studio has jshint built in and runs your javascript in real time in the text editor.
  • Shows CSS editing in VS with a color picker, eyedropper, and Cntrl^shift up and down to dynamically update the hex value
  • Hover over a selector to get the specificity
  • Hover over properties and see which versions of which browsers support that property
  • Hover over a font name to get a preview of the font in different font-sizes and font-weights
  • Edit a single vender prefixed property and all the other vendor prefixed properties stay in sync
  • Easily embed an image as base 64 string
  • Helps out with IE 6 and 7
  • Hover over the image for a thumbnail preview
  • Easily optimize images losslessly and easily reembed. There is currently no warning if the images get out of sync. Should be trivial to implement. I'll do it. :-]


  • Working with less lets you easily see what it compiles to.
  • It will recognize multiple uses of a hex value and suggest creating a variable
  • Statement completion
  • Hover over a mixin to see the exact contents


  • On save update the preview window


  • Works the same way

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15 February 2013