Igor Terzic


  • Why can't I call commit ona model
  • Why can't I reorder elements in a many array
  • Why can't I rollback a single model


  • Try doing simple thinggs
  • Fail
  • Uncover some ember-data functionality to help us
  • Framework authors are not clowns writing code.

Meet our Models: App.Post and App.Comment

App.Post = DS.Model.extend({
  title : DS.attr('string');

What do we want to happen?

  • Comment.get('post') is set correctly
  • Comment and post are dirtied correctly

    var oldParent = store.find(App.Post, 1), newParent = store.find(App.Post, 2)

What do we expect to happen?

  • post1.get('comments') doesn't contain comment
  • Objects are dirtied correctly

It is 2013

  • People have solved this before
  • ActiveRecord, Django, etc

Ember data is more complex than traditional ORM. It's more complex to use Ember-data because you don't know how your objects will be stored.

Ember-data to the rescue

  • one to one
  • one to many
  • many to many
  • ... more

Encode our own constraints

  • Cannot be empty
  • Can't have more than 4 elements

if you modify data.

What to send to the server?

  • It depends
  • Rails adapter - saved on the child
  • node.js and mongo - saved on the parent
  • If embedded need to go up the chain

Other gotchas

Because Ember-data has to work with so many apis there are other gotchas

  • Transactions
  • HasMany is not really an array

There are plenty of issues where I tried to so something that should be simple but after working it through for an hour or two it totally blows up. Trying to work within Ember-data conventions and not fighting it totally helped my sanity.


  • isDirty and shouldCommit
  • applyingChanges to the future

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15 February 2013