Peter Wagenet

We love contributors

Contributing is really important to us. We thrive on contributions. There are over 200 people who have a contribution.

Questions are encouraged...elsewhere

Don't ask questions about your app on Github. Ask questions like that on Stackoverflow. There's a great ember tag there.

We want to help you but make sure to ask in the correct place.

Reporting bugs

The #1 way to contribute to Ember is by filing bugs.

What happened?

What exactly is the bug?

What to expect?

Error message would be great

Browser and other relevant information

The more you can tell us the quicker we can help you.

Failing JSBin, JSFiddle, or test case

We want to be able to show this issue happening. Apps are complicated and we can't really help you unless you can reduce it down to something simple that shows it in a test case it gives us a great place to start with regards to helping you.

Sometimes when you reduce the problem it fixes itself and you realize that the problem wasn't what you thought it was.

Double check in HEAD

Any bugs that we fix we're fixing in Master branch. Please do test against Master to confirm that your bug hasn't already been fixed.

Suggesting features

Full explanation of proposed change

Information is key here. We want to know what you have in mind.

Detailed proposal for complex features

The more complex the feature request the more we would like a thought out proposal from you.

Consider side-effects

See the big picture and how your change fits into it.

Don't break APIs in minor releases

We only break APIs in major releases per our new Semantic Versioning

Sending pull requests

Simple fixes

Typos, assertions, tests, and/or anything thats simple and straight forward just edit it directly on Github


Inline Documentation

Test more complex changes

  • Clone website repo to the same direcotry as the ember repo
  • bundle exec rake preview
  • View changes at localhost:4567/api

The environment

Set up Ruby 1.9

Install dependancies

Running tests

  • rake test
  • rake test[standard]
  • rake test[ember-views]
  • rackup
  • htp://localhost:9292
  • htp://localhost:9292/?package=ember-views

PR Requirements

  • Test are required
  • Follow coding style
  • Write documentation

Development tips

Use a branch, don't develop on master

  • Consider cross-browser compatibility

  • Ember.EnumerrableUtils

Maintain hygiene

  • Keep your commits clean
  • Squash and edit with git rebase -i
  • Rebasing on master


Push to a branch on your fork

Submit a PR via Github

  • Pick the right branch

Following up

Answer questions

Please be around to answer any follow up questions we have. We understand that you're busy but please be available or we might just close your ticket without merging your code.

For Pull Requests

  • Watch for merge conflicts
  • Make sure the Travis tests pass

Close resolved issues

What can I do?

Review open issues

This might be more challenging but checkout the open issues and see if there is something that you understand and could fix.

  • Tackle ones with close milestones. The next milestone is 1.0 Final

Write API documentation

If you notice there isn't any or isn't enough documentation on something then create it.

Write more unit tests

If you see bugs write unit tests to catch and document bugs.

Contribute to guides

If it's anything too complex talk with someone from Ember Core first to confirm that we're on the same page. We don't want you to waste your time.

Location of Issues

Ember.js's issues live on github. Please check them out and see what you can contribute!

Thanks for reading! Follow me on Twitter and/or G+ for more.

See something wrong or got something to add/change? Fork this git repo and send me a pull request

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15 February 2013