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The ClientSideValidations gem for Rails has been the best way to extract validations for the client. Recently Brian has been porting the code over to use with Ember apps. This effort includes building out a FormBuilder base and similar syntactic sugar as SimpleForm. He'll walk you through what he's been up to, and what's coming next.


Been working with client side validations for a couple of years.

Client side validations

  • Rails gem
  • Supports custom calidations
  • Renders client side same as server side
  • When in doubt prefer server side



Client side validations ember

Bootstraps your ember app modles with server side validations



  • Support more input types (on Ember?)
  • How errors are rendering
  • i18n support for labels

Ember-data validations

  • Don't block, use promises
  • i18n error messaging
  • Don't overwrite pre-defined validations
  • Framework (Rails) specific


  • Add 'validating' state to DS.StateManager prior to 'inFlight'
  • inFlight.becameInvalid should not blow away model.errors object

Ideal validation workflow

  1. Client validations pass
  2. Send to server
  3. Server side validations fail and notifies client

Ideal validation workflow + 1

  1. Client validations pass
  2. Send to server
  3. Server side validations pass
  4. Record attempts to save, database contraints fail, validation bubbles up and notifies client

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15 February 2013