Yesterday I wrote Build a static site with Ember.js. This morning I saw this fine post on Twitter which shows how to create a rudimentary model and dynamic segments on urls so I figured I'd take that code and flesh out my example.

You can see the live example of this code on heroku and you can get a copy of this code by cloning this repo on github.

Update your Routes

Open app/assets/javascripts/router.js and add the following two routes.

this.route("contributor", { path : "/contributors/:contributor_id" })

The first route should look familiar from part 1. The second path maps to a contributor route. Notice :contributor_id. This is what's called a 'dynamic segment' in Ember.js.

Create the contributor model

Open app/assets/javascripts/models/contributors_model.js

EmberStatic.Contributor = Ember.Object.extend();
  allContributors : [],
  all : function(){
    this.allContributors = [];
      url : '',
      dataType : 'jsonP',
      context : this,
      success : function(response){{
        }, this);
    return this.allContributors;

This just creates a Contributor object which extends the core EmberJS Object. It then adds an all method which makes a GET request to github asking for a list of all contributors to EmberJS.

If the GET request is successful the response is looped over and added to the allContributors array via Ember.MutableEnumerable's addObject method passing in an Object created by calling Ember.Object's create method.

Wire in the Model

Now we customize our route to tell it about our model. Open app/assets/javascripts/routes/contributors_route.js and add

EmberStatic.ContributorsRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
  model : function(){
    return EmberStatic.Contributor.all();

Now the contributor route is associated with the Contributor model and all method.

Create a contributors template

Create and open app/assets/javascripts/templates/contributors.hbs and add

{ { #each contributor in controller} }
  <li>{ { #linkTo contributor contributor } } { { contributor.login } } { { /linkTo } }</li>
{ { /each } }

Because the previous step made the connection between contributor and the Contributor's all method in this template we can do a handlebars each method to loop over the contributors array and create a list item for each contributor.

The handlebars #linkTo takes two arguments. First the route and second the id of the contributor. The text of the generated link will be the user's github login name.

Create a contributor template

In the Route file we create a route for contributors and contributor so we'll need to create a template for contributor as well.

Create and open app/assets/javascripts/templates/contributor.hbs and add:

Contributor: { { login } }, contributions: { { contributions } }

And that's all the code you need to write.

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13 February 2013