My notes from the 1-29-13 rails class at noisebridge.

Rails has two defaults

Rails has two default stacks by Steve Klabnik

What DHH uses at 37 Signals

  • ERB for view templates
  • MySQL for databases
  • MiniTest for testing
  • Fat Models, Skinny Controllers

The teacher prefers

  • Haml for view templates
  • PostgreSQL for databases
  • Rspec/Cucumber for testing
  • Skinny models, controllers, and a service layer

Brief mention of rvm gemset create

rvm gemset docs

Code time!

Create a new app

rails new appName

Add haml, rspec, and capybara

Open your Gemfile and add

gem "haml-rails", '~>0.3.5'

group :test, :development do
  gem 'rspec-rails'

group :test do
  gem 'capybara'

Or do it this way

rails generate rspec:install    

Create .rvmrc file

create a test

Create a small test that checks if a user hits the root of the url and some text is returned.

Create a directory with mkdir acceptance

Go into the acceptance dir with cd acceptance

Create and edit a file called welcome_page_spec.rb (spec file need to end in spec.rb)

Contents of welcome_page_spec.rb

require spec_helper

Notes on Postgres

Up sides

  • hstore for unstructured columns
  • json-response queries
  • geospatial indexing and pretty queries

Down sides

  • Pain in the ass to install on OSX (check out heroku

Service Layer

Made up of PORO (plain old Ruby objects)

Fat Models, skinny controller breaks down after a while. The service layer idea is 'when all is said and done 95% of the problem can be solved with Ruby the language and without the assumptions of a framework' You can clean up your Model to just the data persistance stuff and move all the other code to PORO.

The Service Layer uses Ruby the language to solve problems which the framework introduces.


Lightweight Ubuntu that is super ruby/rails/postgres friendly

700MB Ubuntu server 12.04 x86_32 image

Recommended to use virtualbox

Teacher's notes

Teacher's notes from the class

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29 January 2013